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Women in Sustainability Professional Network 14 March 2017

How can we have the level of influence and impact we desire in work?
What are the strategies and tools available to us?
Can anyone become an influencer or is this something only a few...


Green Woods Furniture

Green Woods Furniture is a unique, Bristol based, independent retailer, selling bespoke furniture, beds and organic mattresses.

We only use materials from responsible and sustainable...



Greenwoods Furniture
Retail assistant required to work in our Bristol shop, selling furniture, beds and organic mattresses, all sustainably sourced and all handmade to measure in the UK....


Eco Friendly Cleaner

Lemon Tree are a small eco friendly cleaning company here in Bristol.

From the products we use, to the miles they travel, we take pride in offering the most environmentally friendly clean...

Bristol City Centre

Alternative Finance: Future of Money 18 March 2017

We often imagine finance as a realm of daunting skyscrapers, complex mathematical models and men with suits, but the foundations of the financial sector are much more intuitive and basic, rooted...

Stokes Croft

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