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Climate and Energy Talk: What is Climate Change?


Is climate change an issue for future generations - or for us?

What does 'two degrees warming' mean?

What did the Paris Agreement achieve?

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Nikki Jones, researcher/writer on global energy will be giving an overview of the scientific consensus on climate change. She will explain greenhouse gases, possible tipping points and the risks posed by our warming world. This talk is aimed at those who need clarification of what is being discussed by politicians and media. There will be opportunities for questions throughout.

This talk will be the first in a series of six talks focusing on climate change and energy use. The other talks in this series are:

1. What is Climate Change - 26th April
2.. Global Energy Trends - 3rd May
3. UK Energy, Emissions and Targets - 10th May
4. Is Nuclear The Answer? - 17th May
5. Land Use and Climate Change - 24th May
6. The Way Forward - 31st May

Doors open 7pm, cash bar for juices and hot drinks, the talks will begin at 7:30 pm

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