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Eco-Bricking Workshop


EcoStardust invites you to learn about and make EcoBricks! The first of many eco focused workshops and events based at our new work space in Easton.

With Lucie Mann from Eco-Bricking UK running the workshop and talks from Bricking-It-Bristol.

Popular with eco-warriors and plastic haters alike - EcoBricks are made from all the annoying bits of flimsy plastic which can't be recycled easily.

With people keen to get on board with this initiate, we'd like to show you how to make them, where they'll be used and the benefits that eco-bricking brings to your community and the wider world.

Prosecco, tea, coffee, soft drinks and snacks will be provided. Meet fellow conscious people! Chat with other like minded people about the plastic problems facing Bristol, the UK and the world. Conversation and sharing ideas is one of our strongest tools against climate change.


A clean, empty, plastic bottle. Can be any size (don’t be too ambitious - 500ml is fine!) but make sure it has a screw cap without an additional sipping lid (the bigger the opening is the easier it is). This might sound obvious but please don't buy a product just for the bottle - we will have a few bottles available if you are not able to find one.

A wooden/metal rod to push down the plastic!

Any plastic you want to add! - Start collecting any plastic that can't be recycled - plastic bags, styrofoam, packaging, straws and cellophane (as long as they're clean and dry they're good to go!). We'll have lots already so no worries if you haven't managed to collect enough.

Last but not least - we couldn't host an event without there being a little bit of eco-glitter involved! Each guest can pick out a 6g Tin of EcoStardust Biodegradable Glitter (worth £6) to take away with them!

Looking forward to meeting you!

Tickets are very limited!

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