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Future Focused Fashion & Textiles: A 3-part Series


Building resilience and stability in an uncertain world: how can you, as a business owner, employee, designer or consumer expand your knowledge to effect impactful change? Understand the positive business benefits of socially responsible, sustainable practice - and the grave risks of not.

These events are suitable for companies, consumers and students.

We are keeping a close eye on all updates in relation to COVID-19. Our November events are now online, and include the same opportunities to network, take part in live discussion and the option to do a 60 second pitch!

Unpicking Sustainability (Part One) - 12.11.20

Developing a Robust Sustainable Ethos (Part Two) - 19.11.20

Map Your Route To a Sustainable Future (Part Three) - 26.11.20

Part One: Unpicking the complexities of ‘sustainability’ & building knowledge:

UAL will give an introduction to and exploration of the complexities of social responsibility and sustainability in the fashion and textiles sector for making informed decisions through consideration of key, relevant issues to adopt into your thinking and ethos.

A post-talk workshop will focus on exploring a broad range of sustainability issues, giving you tools to help identify those most relevant to you and define your key priorities.

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Part Two: Developing a Robust and Sustainable Ethos:

Establishing your own socially-responsible & sustainability principles and exploring how to apply these to define your business, brand or personal ethos to develop informed strategies and goals.

This post-talk workshop will focus on considering the issues relevant to you in relation to each other to help you define and rank your key priorities for developing robust strategies for effecting positive, impactful change.

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Part Three: Map Your Route to a Sustainable Future:

How embracing appropriate sustainable principles and practices not only re-enforces your business ethos and message, but helps provide a firm foundation for future innovation, builds resilience and stability and keeps pace with your consumers’ values and expectations- and ahead of legislation- trail blaze or you may trail behind to your detriment.

Focusing on your key objectives, this final workshop will ask you to map your route to a sustainable future- reflecting on your current position, where you have made progress and most importantly; the position you intend to reach in the short, mid and long term.

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