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Introduction to Butchery


Every chef and cook (that works with meat) should understand the joints and cuts of the animals they cook. This workshop is designed to give you an understanding of how to work with meat.

​In this hands-on workshop we’ll be butchering 4 young goats with professional butcher Jamie Key. We’ll understand the process from live animal to kitchen-ready. We’ll learn how to navigate the carcass to make the most of our animals. We’ll discuss knives, tools, joints and cuts. We'll talk about how to cook the different cuts and how to best make use of all of the animal, including the bones, offal and fats.

This project is run as part of Street Goat’s commitment to use every part of our animals, in full appreciation and honour of the relationship between these goats and ourselves.

The class size is small to give a full experience. First we'll watch a demonstration butchery of a whole goat, then we'll work in small groups of three butchering a full goat in each group.

Everyone will have the option of taking one cut home, with more available to purchase.

In an effort to make this course accessible costs are based on a sliding scale.

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