An Introduction to Heat Pumps - the low carbon option for residential heating systems?

  • Thursday, 24 September, 2020 - 17:00 to Thursday, 24 September, 2020 - 19:00
  • Online, ,
  • Bristol
  • Tess
  • Evergreen Energy have over 15 years of experience in the energy sector and are one of the UK’s leading renewable energy consultancies.

    Their team of expert engineers cover the whole of the UK and Evergreen are used by approximately a third of all MCS-certified installers nationwide.

    Simon has worked in the renewable energy sector for over 20 years and has an in-depth knowledge of designing and specifying heat pump systems across the domestic and commercial sectors.


Simon Roberts, Head of Research & Development at Evergreen Energy, will take delegates through the basics of how a heat pump works including:

- The working principles of a heat pump
- The various markets & applications
- How heat pumps compare to traditional heating systems
- The types of heat collectors
- The types of heat distribution systems
- Heat pump legislations & regulations
- Case studies demonstrating good practice installations of heat pumps

There will be regular Q&A breaks to allow participants to ask Simon any questions they may have.

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