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The ecological issues of our time resonate in our minds and bodies, whether we take them in at an intellectual, practical or spiritual level, or even if we shut them out as much as humanly possible. They resonate because we are instinctively aware at a deeper level that our lives depend on the healthy functioning of the biosphere.

If we feel unable to be agents of change in this broader narrative of human survival we disconnect. The existing patterns dominate; the consumer economy driving our rhythms and habits. This can leave a subliminal sense of disease, anxiety and fear, which is made worse because the threat seems so disconnected to our daily reality, and therefore impossible to overcome.

All around us our industrial society continues at pace, seemingly unaware of or uninterested in the huge threats to our established way of life. Species and ecosystems and are destroyed on a daily basis in the pursuit of profit.

In every human culture there is grief, a funeral or other rite, and mourning if someone or something deeply important is lost. And yet the biggest mass extinction is underway as a result of human activity and no comment passes. Does this mean we do not value the integrity of our Gaia our living planet, our lives?

Using Mindfulness and Woodland immersion practices to come back to self and to our place in the natural world we can fully allow our awareness as conscious beings to once again flourish. Honour the way the Earth speaks through us as part of the universe’s magnificent creative expression.

Acting simply as mechanistic parts of the consumer economy, motivated by self interest and material gain, we relinquish our wider instinct of self as part of a living whole, interconnected living world. And yet the scientific evidence is clear, the world is flooding, burning or in drought as a result the last blink of an eye in human history.

To be part of a return to life, the turning towards a viable future where we enhance earth’s ecosystems instead of abusing them, we need to first choose our story and be aware of our power.

We would like to take you on a journey of resonance, to feel your story within the wider narrative. The story of your part in a life sustaining future.

Coming from a place of gratitude, honouring the ability we have to be conscious to the earth’s destruction.

Visioning a life sustaining future and awakening to our role in this brings a new sense of aliveness.

Rather than sit with the pain and fear of powerlessness we feel the beauty in every moment, the deeper sense of purpose and connectivity that we all need.

We draw on the decades of work described in Joanna Macey and Chris Johnston’s Active Hope, ancient Chinese philosophyfrom Taoist wisdom, and Marshall Rosenberg’s teaching of Non Violent Communication. Huw is a 5 element acupuncturist and long-practising tibetan buddhist. Emily Malik is a Biologist / Environmentalistand draws on Deep Ecology and eco-spirituality to facilitate the communion between mankind and the biosphere that has so recently in history been lost. Significant time spent Africa made her value different ways of being and perceiving, which she expands through daily meditation and visioning.

Much debate is about why we are not acting fast enough, despite ample evidence and viable alternatives to the danergously destructive path we continue to plough. This workshop on 27th May and the course which follows in September attempt to address this.

It offers a way out of the fear, denial and paralysis that arise because the global climate and ecological crises seem so impenetrable, and because the world continues apace seemingly unaware. Instead we find hope and inspiration by finding our own story within the wider narrative.

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