Retrofit Assessment: getting it right for the best results


There is more and more information available that describes sustainable measures and good practice detailing for retrofit projects. But are we making the right choices for the project in the first place?

Without a thorough assessment prior to the works starting, some measures may be less effective or have unintended consequences.

During this 2 hour live online training session, Alan Pither, a specialist in energy efficiency, environmental assessment and sustainable development will:

- discuss the importance of assessment to support the design of a retrofit project
- review the factors that should be considered in the assessment and the skills and knowledge required from the assessor
- explain how a retrofit assessment differs from an EPC assessment and why

Alan will explain why the following factors are so important to consider before any retrofit works are carried out:

- The context of the property
- The condition of the property
- Energy performance
- Occupancy
- Ventilation
- The assessment process itself

This training session will focus on domestic buildings but the content is also applicable to non-domestic, especially smaller non-domestic buildings with simple services systems.

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