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Spring into action: organic vegetable growing workshop


This growing season we are offering you an opportunity to gain real insight into the workings of The Community Farm. We are running a full day workshop to share and involve you in this year’s growing plan.

At the workshop we will take a look into soil management, crop rotations, chosen varieties, expected yields and the best ways to manage this year’s busy workload as a team. This will give all our volunteers a chance to gain an in depth knowledge of field scale organic growing.

It will be an exciting time to get involved as you will have the opportunity to join us for the whole growing journey from germination through to harvest. You will learn first-hand the trials and triumphs of growing field scale organic vegetables.
We will provide everyone with a lunch to share and there will be tea, coffee and cake throughout the day. We welcome suggestions and would love to hear your views on how best to build your knowledge and utilise your help.

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