FoodCycle Bristol Community Outreach & Engagement Hub Leader


About the opportunity

A Hub is where the magic happens: we collect food from supermarkets, bring it to a venue and cook it into a three-course meal for our guests. Each Hub is run on the ground by a team of special lead volunteers called Hub Leaders. These people are passionate, committed people who want to make a positive change within their community.

FoodCycle Hubs have a team of 6-8 Hub Leaders who take on a specific area such as managing volunteers, promoting the Hub locally or running fundraising events. As Community Outreach and Engagement Hub Leader, you’ll be responsible for leading the hosting part of the session and conducting community outreach to insure we have enough guests and volunteers.

Skills you'll learn

• Community outreach: you'll be building networks with your local community, to spread the FoodCycle word and to engage them with your Hub.
• Hosting skills: you’ll lead on ‘front of house’ duties, coordinating hosting volunteers and making sure guests feel welcome.
• Leadership and delegation: we'll train you up to lead cooking sessions and induct new volunteers into the kitchen. 
• Relationship building: you'll be building lasting relationships with your local community, guests and volunteers, insuring they come back each week.
• Social media: you'll utilise social media channels to promote your project and events. 
• Fundraising: you and your team will be responsible for raising vital funds to support your project. 
• Running effective meetings: you meet with your Hub Leader team once a month to discuss the running of your Hub.

What to expect from FoodCycle

• On going support and advice from a 'Hub Manager' at FoodCycle's head office. 
• A two-day training conference to equip you for your role. Travel, accommodation and food cost covered by FoodCycle. 
• Impressive skills to add to your CV and a reference if/when you need it.
• Level two food safety qualification provided by FoodCycle that lasts 3 years.
• The opportunity to meet a large network of like-minded people.
• A fun, creative volunteer experience with ownership over a community led project
About FoodCycle

FoodCycle combines surplus food, volunteers and free kitchen space to create nutritious, three-course meals for the community.

We have 4 main aims:

• To strengthen communities, by bringing people together around a healthy meal and creating opportunities to talk, exchange and build lasting relationships
• To encourage friendships, by creating spaces for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to have fun together, to share experiences and to meet new people.
• To improve nutrition and reduce hunger, by cooking healthy meals for those in need and sharing essential information on food and nutrition.
• To change attitudes towards food and to reduce food waste, by using surplus food and spreading our passion for food and the environment.
What are they looking for?

We are looking for passionate and committed people who hate food waste and want to make a positive difference in their community!
Practical Considerations

We ask that Hub Leaders stay with us for 9 - 12 months, to enable them to get the most out of the role. As
Community Outreach and Engagement Hub Leader, you’ll be expected to volunteer on average 9 hours a month, this is broken down into:

• Attending a monthly Hub Leader Meeting to discuss as a team how things are going.
• Leading 1 Cooking Session.
• Outreach and engagement activities.

How to apply:

Please contact to register your interest.

  • Closing Date:
  • Monday, 20 August, 2018 - 21:00

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