Non-Executive Director with Finance Expertise (voluntary)


Bristol Energy Cooperative is seeking a new Board member with an accountancy qualification and experience of working in the commercial sector, ideally at finance director level, to play an active role in BEC's financial governance and help shape it's financial strategy. Experience of working in the Renewables and Community sectors is not essential but would be a bonus. This opportunity has arisen following a recent Director departure and is an unpaid role.

Bristol Energy Cooperative is a not-for-profit community energy business responding to the climate crisis through developing and operating renewable energy resources. It currently has assets of around £11m, a turnover of £1.2m, and a pipeline of medium to large scale hydro, solar, battery, wind and microgrid schemes.

The organisation is driven by both its commercial and community values, distributing profit through various channels including a community energy grant scheme. It has created an infrastructure supporting individuals and non-specialist businesses to participate in sustainability transition, and has spawned initiatives such as Zero West, which has a wider remit for regional project development and information dissemination. It is a co-owner of Bright Renewables, a community orientated renewables asset management company, and Microgrid Foundry, which is developing microgrid solutions for new housing.

The Board currently has 7 directors and meets monthly at 5pm on the second Wednesday of the
month in central Bristol. There are 3 employees, two of whom are directors, and a contracted
management accountant who works very closely with the operational team. The Board has several Working Groups, and the new director would be expected to attend the Finance Working Group which meets quarterly.

How to apply:

Please contact us to arrange a phone call in the first instance. You may contact us through our website

  • Closing Date:
  • Sunday, 15 March, 2020 - 12:00

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