Senior Project Development Worker - Real Economy


Real Economy (Bristol) Limited
Seeks a Senior Project Development Worker to develop a detailed feasibility study for Southmead Community Farm.
The post is funded for one day per week for one year at a self-employed rate of £150 per day (or employed equivalent) and will begin on Jan 31st 2019.
This post may be combined with the post of Executive Director of Real Economy. Combined applications are particularly welcome.
The Senior Project Development Worker will:
• share the values of Real Economy at a deep and committed level and provide evidence to prove this
• have experience of successful project development including community consultation
• have the ability to liaise with other professionals
• have proven interest or experience in food growing including its commercial potential
• have the ability to work creatively in the interface between community development and social enterprise

Applications should be sent to on 2 pages of A4. A CV may also be included. Closing date for applications is 12 noon on Jan 4th 2019.
Description of Project
Real Economy has been working with the community in Southmead for more than two years focused on an attempt to get the best local produce to people in hardship. As a result of this we have discovered that people in Southmead have a long term interest in establishing a community farm and that the city council recognise that this is an area of multiple deprivation which lacks any community food growing initiative. We asked the community about this at this year’s Southmead Festival and received overwhelming in principle support for the development of a community farm centred on food growing. Some local residents are also interested in small animal farming and so we are looking to see if this can also be accommodated. Further conversations with Cllr Brenda Massey, Stephen Clampin, Bristol City Council (Green Spaces), the residents planning group (BS10 Parks and Planning) and Lindy Morgan, Head of Southmead Regeneration Project have provided strong in principle support for the establishment of a community farm.
We will use this post to continue the process of community consultation and work up specific executable plans for the launch of the farm. The basic idea is to combine several elements: 1. Small growing spaces demonstrating and encouraging home scale growing – one space is currently being developed next to our base at Southmead Community Centre 2. A larger community orchard providing an ongoing interest in fruit and nature in an accessible and attractive space – possibly on a strip of land along Greystoke Avenue which architects and regeneration partners have indicated would fit well with existing regeneration plans. Two other fall back option sites may also be available. 3. A major community growing site. 4. A small animal facility – this is more speculative and dependent on a protected site, a full set of committed volunteers and a suitable partnership. We will consider working with Street Goat and other existing specialists in this area.
We believe that this project stands to bring people together and build strong relationships in and across communities because Southmead Community Farm will involve the whole community and will particularly work to include people in hardship as measured by poor food security, low sense of well-being and poor diet and referred to us by various local agencies. By focusing on growing food, combined with cooking and food provision, we aim to draw attention to the need to eat well and so encourage many, who might otherwise develop diet-related disease, to adopt an improved diet. T
This feasibility study will take place over one year and include working with professional bodies including planners, council officials and local community leaders to agree which sites should be taken forward, developing a realistic business model for the farm with minimum reliance on repeat grant funding, considering the potential for vandalism and its mitigation, securing initial funding and building community participation in the project. It may include an initial planting of a community orchard to increase community involvement.

How to apply:

Applications should be sent to on 2 pages of A4. A CV may also be included. Closing date for applications is 12 noon on Jan 4th 2019.

  • Closing Date:
  • Friday, 4 January, 2019 - 12:00

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