7 questions that might help you live a greener life

Questions for a green life - green living tips

Inside: From healthy eating to washing your clothes this article asks you 7 green living questions and guides you through 7 top green living tips to help you live a greener lifestyle.

Here at Ecojam HQ we check the headlines every day to keep up with all the climate change and environment news and we highlight the best/worst/most important news in the Ecojam UK Daily. As part of this process we regularly come across great green living tips to boost your eco credentials. Here we share some of the ones that have caught our eye over the past few weeks as we ask 7 questions about your lifestyle. 

1. Are you eating healthily?

Many of us are now very conscious of what we eat and try to make food choices that are not only healthy for us as individuals but also for the planet. But what if clever marketing, misleading advertising and confusing packaging was actually leading to us making bad choices and unwittingly eating junk? If you think this ever happens to you make sure you read this article on TreeHugger which outlines some of the mistakes we often make and how to avoid them.

2. Are you planning a Mediterranean holiday this summer?

Mediterranean tourists are being urged to ditch plastic this year as a new study revealed that tourists in the region cause a 40% spike in plastic marine litter. Be a responsible tourist by ditching single-use plastic items like straws, disposable coffee cups and plastic bags.  

3. Have you already started to avoid single-use plastic?

With news that plastic has been found in water and snow samples from remote areas of Antarctica you would be forgiven for thinking that our plastic problem is not going away. However, two articles in the Guardian recently caught our eye and gave us hope that we are beginning to get the message and take action on plastic. The first article focuses on the fashion industry and gives some great examples of how the industry is starting to turn it's back on plastic. The following quote from  Giulio Onazzi, CEO and president of Aquafil, a company that turns plastic waste into textiles is very inspiring.

“The challenge for the future is to create a world where brands make a product, consumers use it and then return it to the manufacturer to make another product.”

So what can you do to help?

The second article that caught our eye is all about families who have joined the 'war on plastic'. Have a read to see what you and your family could be doing. If you would like to go further we also have some great tips and advice in our plastic free guide.

4. Are you getting enough sleep?

For many of us the state of the planet and other global affairs are enough to keep us awake at night. If you have been finding it difficult to sleep you might find these 7 tips for getting a good night's sleep useful.

As an added bonus, we also stumbled upon this article which lists 8 plants that might help you sleep.

5. Would you consider a plant-based diet?

This is a topic that has come up before in our green living tips but it has recently been receiving attention in the press again. This is due to the results of “the most in-depth study to date of the ecological footprint of agriculture.” The study leader, from the University of Oxford, says that a vegan diet “is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth”. Take a look at this write up on EcoWatch and decide for yourself whether you are ready to give up meat and dairy.

6. Did you know that washing your clothes releases microplastics?

With the ban on microbeads hitting headlines recently you are probably well aware of the prevalence of microplastics and the threat that they pose to our oceans. But are you aware that our clothing often contains microfibres, tiny pieces of plastic, that are released during clothes washing and can end up in our oceans and our food?

This useful article outlines the problem and gives 6 handy tips to help you reduce the impact of microfibres from clothes washing.

7. Could you consider working from home?

Are you willing to work from home, shop online and socialise virtually in a bid to reduce car journeys and decrease the number of deaths caused by air pollution? This article in the Telegraph outlines a study that concluded that these actions are necessary steps towards reducing deadly air pollution. Have a read and have a think about what you are willing and able to do to reduce your reliance on your car.

Want more green living tips?

For more green living tips check out our ever-growing list which puts all our green living tips in one place.  

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