Bees, COP23 and exciting megatrends - the weekly climate change news round-up for busy people

Green and Ethical News: Ecojam's Weekly Round-Up of the Headlines

So what has kept you busy this week? Household chores, a hectic social calendar or have you just been too busy saving the environment to read about it?! Whatever your reason, if you have struggled to keep up with this week's environment and climate change news, here is what you missed...

This week as the UN Climate Change Conference (COP23) continues in Bonn, what did the headlines tell us?

It was a good week for bees as the UK government reversed course on the neonicotinoid ban by calling for tougher restrictions on the pesticides. The move was praised by campaigners, including Friends of the Earth, who have been petitioning the government to push for a ban on bee-harming pesticides. For full details of Environment Secretary, Michael Goves' decision you can read his response in this week's Guardian

It was a bad week for Delhi as pollution in India's capital hit the headlines again this week. The city continues to experience heavy pollution and concerns are growing for the health of the city's huge population. One pollution monitor showed levels at 969 -- the World Health Organisation considers anything above 25 to be unsafe.  

In other news

There have been many many articles this week about the climate talks that are taking place in Bonn. If you have struggled to keep up with them just check out this article from the Daily Planet which looks at the ten biggest stories from COP23 so far.

Environment lawyers, ClientEarth are suing the UK government for a third time over the widespread illegal levels of air pollution. Having already defeated the government twice they are now calling them back to court as they believe the latest strategy still does not go far enough to deal with Britain's toxic air. This news comes in the same week that we are told that 'pollution kills more people than anything else'.

A new study, released at the COP23 UN climate summit in Bonn, claims that 100% renewable electricity worldwide is feasible, and cheaper than business-as-usual

Plans have been released for an enormous, subsidy-free, solar farm in Kent. The power plant would be much bigger than any other solar plant in the UK and would produce enough power for around 110,000 households. Developers, Hive Energy and Wirsol Energy, hope the plant will be operational in 2020.

Some light relief

If you are worried about the loss of biodiversity in the UK, rest-assured that there are projects out there that are aiming to help all of us to boost biodiversity. Check out this article from Positive News which outlines 5 of these projects.

A recent Guardian investigation revealed the devastating effects that the cocoa industry is having on the rainforest. So we were pleased to hear this week that Ghana and the Ivory Coast are formulating plans to immediately put a stop to all new deforestation

Check out this article to read about 7 exciting megatrends that give us reason to hope that we can beat global warming. 

And our photo of the week this week is this cute but strange sea slug.

What actions can you take?

Here are our top tips on actions you can take this week.

Save our environmental laws from Brexit
Brexit is threatening many of our environmental laws but you have a chance to protect them. Over the coming weeks MPs will be voting whether to bring over all EU environmental laws into UK law through the Withdrawal Bill (formerly known as the ‘Great Repeal Bill’). Join this Friends of the Earth campaign and tell your MP to save our environmental laws now.

Stop throwing away potatoes
We heard news this week that, in the UK, we throw away nearly half of the potatoes that we buy! Why not do your bit to reduce this statistic by learning some simple ways to freeze potatoes – saving them from the bin and saving you time and money.

Consider your happiness
Need more happiness in your life? Check out this TreeHugger article which outlines 11 ways to find happiness everyday

For more tips visit the Ecojam News page for our new series of blogs 'Green living tips to prevent climate change'.

Thanks for reading and remember to come back again next week for the next round-up of green and ethical news.

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Date published: Friday 10th November 2017