Ecojam is on a mission to curb your eco-anxiety

Ecojam is on a mission to curb your eco-anxiety

Here at Ecojam we have had enough of reading about the terrifying consequences of climate change and we want to find new ways to curb our eco-anxiety. We think this comes in the form of positive, community action which is shared, replicated and enjoyed by as many people, plants and animals as possible.

What is eco-anxiety?

Eco-anxiety is defined as “anxiety about ecological disasters and threats to the natural environment such as pollution and climate change.” 

Does this sounds like something you are experiencing? Then read on...

Ecojam's top 3 tips on curbing your eco-anxiety?

1. Don't obsess about every tiny detail

Are packaged organic carrots better for the environment than loose non-organic carrots? 

Is a bamboo toothbrush worth the extra money or should I buy plastic and donate to Greenpeace?

How is it possible to spend half a day searching the internet and still not know whether pen lids are recyclable?

Sound familiar?

Whilst these questions (and the many more you probably have) are all valid they are also a huge drain on our time, our brain and our motivation. Our advice would be to make a difference where you can (e.g. switching to green energy, giving up flying and eating a more plant-based diet) but accept the fact that we live in an unsustainable system which needs to change. Call for change at every opportunity whether this is protesting, campaigning, signing petitions, contacting your MP or anything else you can think of to make your voice heard.

2. Talk about your fears and seek out people who share your concern

Trying to deal with eco-anxiety alone can be really daunting and debilitating. It can feel as if everyone around you is living in a bubble where concerns about the environment are ignored, played down and even joked about. Speaking out about the way you feel sounds terrifying but it can also be liberating. You may find that others share your concerns and have been looking for people to talk to about it. 

3. Take positive action

Here at Ecojam we have been involved in loads of local action over the past few years. From climate marches to community gardening we have got stuck in at every available opportunity. Being a part of something positive is a rewarding experience and it allows space for hope for a better future.


Instead of worrying about what you can’t control,

shift your energy to what you can create


Eco-anxiety is tough and it can have a profound effect on your life. But it doesn't have to control your life. For some people the key to tackling eco-anxiety can be to shift from a mindset which focuses on doom and gloom to one which seeks out creative solutions, positive attitudes and a thriving community.

How can Ecojam help?

  • We want to shine a spotlight on positive action
  • We want to help people get involved
  • We want to create a community where people can share stories, tips and advice
  • We want to be part of creating a more positive way of being human
  • We want to have fun (doesn't everyone?!)

Each week we will be seeking out positive community projects and sharing ideas that are working in Bristol, Bath and other areas of the UK. You can use this information to get involved in a project or to replicate the idea in your own community. 

We will also share all the good news stories that we find and the best advice articles that offer practical solutions with maximum impact.

Plus our popular local guides to all things green and ethical including vegan restaurant guides, plastic-free ideas and local shopping guides.