Our ever-growing list of green living tips

Green tips

Inside: All our top green living tips in one handy blog. From ethical business to sustainable food, renewable energy to green transport - we've got it covered.

When faced with huge issues like climate change, food waste and plastic pollution, it is easy to get disheartened. How can we as individuals do anything to help?

But people are doing great things all the time and here at Ecojam we are always on the lookout for ways to get involved and play our part. We regularly write articles that list the green tips that we have come across and this is where you can find our ever-growing list of articles about green living. The articles cover a range of topics including:

  • Business: From fairtrade and ethical business ideas to the sharing economy
  • Energy: From solar energy and wind energy to a move away from fossil fuels to clean energy
  • Fashion: From ethical fashion ideas to sourcing second hand clothes
  • Finance: From ethical banking to sustainable investments
  • Food: Tips on organic, sustainable, locally produced food and farming
  • Food Waste: From leftover recipe ideas to using apps to cut down on food waste 
  • Gardening: From growing your own food to creating a haven for wildlife
  • Nature: Tips on protecting nature and wildlife conservation
  • Plastic: From where to buy plastic free goods to how to upcycle used plastic
  • Transport: From car sharing and cycling to work to electric cars

Where do we find these green living tips?
Here at Ecojam HQ we check the headlines every day to keep up with all the climate change and environment news. As part of this process, we often find useful green living tips. To highlight these tips we write regular blogs compiling the top tips. 

We also love social media and find ourselves constantly stumbling upon interesting tips that are worth sharing.

Green living tips articles that we have written so far:

What can I do about climate change?
If you are terrified about climate change but feel utterly confused about what to do, this article is a great place to start.

5 ways to encourage sustainability in everyday life
From making conscious decisions to getting involved, this article outlines ways to live more sustainably.

Exciting new way to reduce your carbon footprint with Green Gas
If you are looking to reduce your carbon emissions at home (which make up half of your personal carbon emissions) you may be interested in Good Energy's Green Gas. By producing biomethane from organic matter and investing in carbon reduction schemes they offer a solution to dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

10 ways we can help create a ‘zero waste’ economy in the UK
This article explains what is meant by the term zero waste economy and then outlines the steps you can take to turn the concept of zero waste into a reality.

Green living tips to prevent climate change
Among the topics is a useful tip on how to use Amazon's Alexa to reduce food waste and advice on how to eat fish sustainably.

Green living tips to prevent climate change
This week our efforts are focused on lowering our 'foodprint', ditching unnecessary plastic and finding more happiness.

Green living tips to prevent climate change
Tips include using your money wisely, making the most of your heating and looking for a green and ethical job.

Green living tips to prevent climate change
Read this to find out about 'the dirty dozen' – the fruit and vegetables with the highest pesticide residues or if you would like to know more about zero waste living.

Green living tips to prevent climate change
In this article we look at Christmas shopping – the green and ethical way. Plus how to take food waste seriously.

Boost your eco credentials with our easy greener living tips
This article contains a total of 8 top greener living tips to help you live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Tips include greening up your investments and ditching your addiction to fast fashion.

10 ways to protect the environment this week
If 8 tips wasn't enough for you, why not try 10 instead. Tips include cutting down your use of plastic and supporting renewables.

This week's top tips for greener living
From tips on heating your home to ways to ditch household chemicals check out this week's top greener living tips to help you live an eco-friendly lifestyle.  

Our top greener living tips for this week
Read this article to find out how to save food from landfill, how to plant a tree and how to save water.

Our top 5 tips for greener living in Bath
One for all you Bath Ecojammers out there. This fantastic article outlines 5 ways to live more sustainably in the wonderful city of Bath. 

Our top 10 places to buy second hand clothes in Bath
Another one for our Bath Ecojammers or for anyone planning a trip to the wonderful city of Bath. This is an excellent guide to the best shops for second hand and vintage clothes.

7 questions that might help you live a greener life
Are you eating healthily? Could you consider working from home? These are just 2 of the 7 questions asked in this blog about green living. Read through each question and see how the answers can help you to live a greener life.

Trying to go plastic free? Check out our top 10 ways to dramatically reduce plastic
If you are able to follow these 10 steps you will be well on your way to going plastic free. 

We really hope you enjoyed reading our green living tips. Remember to bookmark this page and come back soon as we are always adding to the list of green living articles. If you have any green living tips that were not mentioned here we would love to hear from you. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter.