Green living tips to prevent climate change

Green living tips to prevent climate change

We are always on the look out for ways in which we can play our part in preventing climate change. We believe that these changes not only contribute to building a more positive future for the environment but also to creating healthier, happier lives. But it is often hard to know where to start when taking action. 

Here at Ecojam HQ we check the headlines everyday to keep up with all the climate change and environment news and we highlight the best/worst/most important news in the Ecojam UK Daily. On Fridays we do a quick round-up of the week's news. As part of this process we are always on the look out for green living tips to prevent climate change. Here, in this new weekly blog, we share our favourites. So here are our top tips on actions you can take this week.

Campaigns and petitions

Ban ivory trade
The Hong Kong government wants to ban ivory trade, but industry lobbyists are making it a nightmare. Avaaz has launched a petition to get the global community to back the ban and save thousands of elephants from death.

Avaaz want to build a mega-petition to save the elephants, then they will hit Hong Kong with ads, target politicians with advocacy, and stir up a media frenzy. Add your name and share widely -- let's shut down ivory island!

Stop Fracking
Friends of the Earth say “Fracking is a risky industry for people and the environment and is incompatible with stopping climate change.” Show your support for them and the people of Ryedale, Lancashire and elsewhere who have been campaigning every day to stop the industry. Sign this Friends of the Earth petition asking Secretary of State for Energy, Greg Clark MP, to refuse fracking.    


What's all this about a zero waste movement?
Have you heard about the zero waste movement? If so, you may be wondering what it is all about and whether it is something you could get on board with. We really enjoyed reading this article about five families who are on the zero waste journey. Check it out and perhaps start your journey to zero waste.

Food and reducing food waste 

Ask Alexa to help you reduce food waste
Do you have an Amazon Echo? If so, you can now use Alexa to help reduce your food waste. Amazon has teamed up with Save the Food so that you can ask Amazon “about any food and Alexa can help you store it to last longer, discern if it’s still good, and even revive it when it’s past its prime.”  

Britons urged to rediscover the humble Cornish sardine
A new supermarket campaign is asking us to rediscover the humble Cornish sardine. This article in the Guardian explains why this change could lead to more sustainable fishing and healthier fish stocks.

We really hope you have enjoyed our new blog series. Remember to check back again next week for more green living tips to prevent climate change. You can also join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more green and ethical tips.