Launch an online green hub in your area

Ecojam Hubs, Local, Green, Ethical

Ecojam Bristol has been running since 2009 and is now the largest and most active online green community in the city. We now plan to roll out Ecojam nationally to create a network of local green websites in cities and counties across the UK. 

We aim to support individuals or groups to set-up an Ecojam to better link together green activity and get more people involved in sustainable living in their area. Our vision is to create a movement of green communicators, who share tips and move Ecojam forward.  

In 2016, Rebecca Fox launched Ecojam Bath, the first of what we hope to be many new Ecojam hubs.

Want to start an Ecojam?
We are looking for people or local organisations/groups to set-up an Ecojam in their area with our help.

Are you or your organisation:

  • Passionate about local green stuff?
  • Social media saavy? 
  • Interested in green communications?
  • Well-connected to your local, green scene? (advantage)
  • Keen to get more people involved in sustainable living?

If so, please get in touch - Ecojam can provide you with the tools and support to link up green activity and inspire others in your area.

A word from an Ecojam hub manager
“Ecojam was a great way for me to get more involved in the green scene in Bristol. I've been able to put my social media and marketing skills to good use, and developed links with local organisations. Ecojam is a really inspiring project, and the wider team are supportive and encouraging."

Carolyn Hair, (ex) Ecojam Bristol manager