Making positive lifestyle changes to increase wellbeing and become more environmentally friendly

To do list: Making positive lifestyle changes to increase wellbeing and become more environmentally friendly

Hannah Price, a loyal Ecojammer from North Somerset (who has followed us since nearly the beginning) has challenged herself to commit to making regular positive lifestyle changes throughout 2017. Here she explains what motivated her to take action and what changes she has made during the last month...

I have decided, mainly because of an increasing concern for the state of our planet and our children's future, that I will make an effort to make positive changes throughout the year. I believe that if we want change to happen we need to start living in a way that supports change and illustrates our values.

I am particularly concerned about plastics (both for health and environmental reasons), diet and mass consumerism. I have decided to share these changes because it breaks my pattern of being afraid to speak out and because I sincerely believe that if we don't do something NOW things are going to get really bad for all of us! I want to stress that I am not judgemental of others and how they live their lives I have just decided that it's time to make changes in mine. 

February's actions

Change one: Buying milk from the milkman
I have decided to start getting my milk from our local milkman. It's organic milk and so it's expensive but I buy full fat and water it down to make it go further. I have also introduced a milk free breakfast such as eggs at least once a week. Glass bottles are better because the milkman collects and reuses the glass bottles reducing waste and avoiding plastic.

Change two: Meat without plastic packaging
Meat makes up about 5% of our families diet but when purchased from supermarkets it comes packaged in plastic with a non-recyclable film cover and insert. Accompanied by my inspirational friend Claire I took a trip to our local butchers. Claire has been making the trip for several months and the butcher was used to her appearing, grease proof paper at the ready. The butcher was happy to wrap our orders in the paper and I took a lunch box to transport it home in. I made sure I purchased enough to last a month so as to cut down on the number of trips we need to make. The butcher sells locally raised and butchered meat. It felt really good to be supporting this traditional local industry. 

Change three: Eco friendly hair products
I am so excited about the following discovery! For years I have been relying on Frizz Ease products to calm and define my curly hair. I recently realised that the spray I use contains dreaded Parabens (chemicals that mimic Estrogen and that have been possibly linked to cancer). A friend suggested using Coconut Oil instead - could it really be that simple? Well it would seem to be the case fortunately, it actually works really well. I use so little that a pot will last ages saving me lots of money too.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my experiences. Tune in again next month and I will share the actions I have taken. I will also share any reactions I have had to this month's actions.