Our all time favourite plastic free breakfast ideas

Best plastic free breakfast ideas

Inside: Wave goodbye to cereal (and the annoying plastic bags they all come in) and try out our favourite breakfast choices which can be made without plastic. 

1. Fruit and yoghurt
I could easily eat fruit and yoghurt every day without getting bored. You can have different fruit every day (bought plastic free of course) and you can add honey, jam or fruit syrup to change the flavour.

I make my own yoghurt to avoid the plastic pots. Although it sounds complicated and time-consuming it is actually surprisingly simple and it is easy to do whilst you are in the kitchen making dinner. For more details check out our easy-peasy plastic free yoghurt recipe.

2. Porridge
Many of the supermarkets now sell oats in paper bags. Heated up with milk (from glass bottles) they make a delicious porridge which can be eaten on its own or with added fruit, honey, jam or sugar.

3. Smoothies / Milkshakes
We buy milk and juice in glass bottles from the milkman so we always have a good base for making smoothies or milkshakes. My kids prefer simple recipes made with milk or juice and bananas but you can be as adventurous as you like. To make a super healthy probiotic smoothie you can add some homemade live yoghurt and some honey. I usually try to sneak in some seeds or nut butters to add protein. If you want to make a dairy free milkshake you can use plastic free homemade oat milk instead of cow’s milk.

A word of warning on this one – be aware of how much fruit you are adding as fruit contains a lot of natural sugar. You can add vegetables such as carrots or spinach to increase the volume and the vitamins without overloading on sugar. 

4. Scrambled eggs and avocado on a bed of greens
If you are looking for a breakfast that will keep you feeling full for longer you will need to ensure that you balance carbohydrates with protein and fat. Eggs, avocado and greens offer a great balance and can all be bought plastic free. To create an even healthier balance perhaps add an orange or some berries for extra vitamins and carbs.

5. Pancakes
Pancakes may seem like a time-consuming, indulgent breakfast but they can actually be a healthy option that can be rustled up fairly quickly. There are loads of recipes online, like this one from BBC Food, but when I'm in a hurry I just throw some flour (usually plain wholemeal mixed with a little plain white) into a bowl, add an egg and then stir in milk until the consistency looks about right. Serve with fruit and yoghurt or lemon juice and brown sugar (not top of the list of health foods but you will find you eat less sugar than you would if you ate a bowl of pre-packaged cereal).

6. Muesli or granola
This is another plastic free breakfast which has many different variations and can be made exactly as you like it (unlike the expensive supermarket versions which often contain something that you don't like and always come in plastic bags).

To make muesli you can add fresh fruit and homemade yoghurt or you could go with milk and dried fruit and/or nuts and seeds. You can source plastic free dried fruit, nuts and seeds from a plastic free shop if you have one near you (you can check here) or you can visit Plastic Free Pantry online.

There are many recipes online for homemade granola and most can be adapted to fit your tastes and what you have available in your cupboards.

7. Toast
Bread can often be bought plastic free from a bakery or you can make your own using plastic free ingredients (check out our guide to plastic free bread here). There are many topping options that come plastic free too. Jam and peanut butter come in glass jars, eggs come in cardboard and bananas can be bought loose – to name just a few!

8. Fruit
Why not keep it simple with a healthy bowl of cut up fruit or, if you are in a hurry, just grab a banana and run. Packed with essential nutrients this tasty option is truly nature's plastic free choice!

9. Overnight oats
I know I have mentioned oats many times now but I couldn’t not mention overnight oats. If you have not heard of this breakfast option before check out this guide on the BBC Food website and get creative!

What about plastic free drinks?
Don't forget to start the day with a drink too. There have been plenty of headlines recently about the hidden plastic in our tea bags but don't let that put you off staying hydrated. There are plenty of plastic free options available. Here are just a few of our favourites:

  • Loose tea (choose carefully and look out for hidden plastic within the cardboard box)
  • Coffee from a tin or glass jar
  • Juice from a glass bottle
  • Milk from a glass bottle
  • Homemade oat milk (see here for a plastic free recipe)
  • Hot water with lemon
  • Cold tap water

Or if you are on the go make sure you take a reusable cup with you so that you can avoid the disposable cup from your local cafe.

Thank you for reading. Check out our plastic free lunch ideas to keep lunchtime plastic free too.

If you have any more suggestions for plastic free breakfast ideas we would love to hear from you. You can get in touch via our Facebook page or on Twitter.