Our plan to give up plastic: plastic free skincare

Going plastic free - #plasticfree

We are really getting into the plastic free way of life now. We love love love the milk! Pretty bottles in the fridge and delicious milk. Expensive but we should be paying more for our milk and the cost would presumably come down if the demand was higher (take the hint people!). 

Although some aspects of going plastic free are more expensive it seems that there are many many opportunities to actually save money. This week I have been focusing on personal hygiene – and I have learned a lot!

Our #plasticfree progress so far – getting to grips with our skincare regime

In my last blog I mentioned that I was planning a trip to Lush. I love the concept behind Lush but I'm struggling with the prices. Does a bar of soap really have to cost that much? I am not sure how long they last so it's a bit unfair of me to judge at this stage but with these price tags it is clear that this is not a mainstream solution for the masses (however I can confirm that the shop was absolutely packed when we visited!). 

Having done some research for alternatives I am now starting to realise that making my own may not be as big a deal as I first thought. There are so many recipes online and they range from really simple to unbelievably complex. Simple is best for me so I have gathered together a few of the most promising sounding ones. So here is what I am planning to try:

I did think about going 'no poo' (without shampoo) but I don't think I can bear the settling in period (or the thought of telling people I am 'going no poo!'). 

The next easiest option is to use baking soda (from a cardboard box) and apple cider vinegar (from a glass bottle) but I have read that this smells so this option is also out for me!

For now I am going to buy the most natural (with the fewest ingredients) soap bar I can find and I will experiment with this.

I may also try this DIY leave in conditioner as it seems really easy to make and we already have the ingredients we need in the house.

I have also started experimenting with using tea as a hair dye (Google it – it's a thing!) - I will let you know how I get on.

I am currently using the Lush Tooth Fairy Powder. I quite like it (the kids don't!) but it comes in a (returnable) plastic container and it is quite expensive. This recipe from Treading My Own Path sounds nice and simple so I will give it a go.

I have tried countless 'natural' deodorants with limited success and I always find myself reaching for the shop-bought, aluminium laden, plastic bottle options when it's hot or I have a busy day ahead. I am reluctant to buy loads of ingredients to make my own only to find that it doesn't work. So my initial plan is to make one with ingredients I already have and see whether it's any good. This recipe on Treading My Own Path is the simplest I have seen so I am going to give it a go. (If you know me and you see me on a regular basis please don't be shy – if it ain't working – I wanna know!)


I will stick with my Lush body and face bars until they run out. I will let you know how long they last.

I am also planning to experiment with oils (in glass bottles) instead of moisturiser. However, my moisturiser has an SPF rating which I am reluctant to give up so this needs some careful research. More on this another time.

I would love to hear from you if you have also embarked on a plastic free lifestyle or you plan to at some point. I will be posting updates (of both successes and failures) on Facebook and Twitter so please feel free to come and say hi. 

Thanks for reading. I'm off to follow some recipes!