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Greener living tips - landfill to trees

Inside this week: From saving food from landfill to planting trees check out this week's top greener living tips to help you live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Save some food from landfill
Going plastic free is tough and not many of us can say that we actually live without plastic. But where do you draw the line and what compromises are you willing to make? For me, I found I was really struggling with snacks for the kids. When I pick them up from school they are starving so I always make sure I have a snack in my pocket. Usually, it's fruit but I like to offer a bit of variety and the convenience of individually wrapped cereal bars and crackers is hard to give up. In my search for an alternative I found Love Health Hate Waste. It is a website which sells food which is near or just past it's best before date at heavily discounted prices. The food is checked before it is sent out and I am yet to receive anything that I would not eat. The products are often heavily packaged and are sometimes made in parts of the world I would usually avoid due to the distance they have had to travel. But, it is food that health food shops were planning to throw in the bin (food, packaging, the lot!) because they no longer wanted it on their shelves. For this reason, I am happy to buy it because I am saving the food from the bin. Check it out – you might just find your favourite brands on there at discounted prices.

Make a planting plan and buy seeds wisely
As I write this I am looking out of the window and I see bright sunshine. After last week's strange and quite unbelievably snowy weather are we safe to assume that Spring is finally here? If the mere mention of Spring compels you to rush out and buy seeds for your garden or allotment make sure you make wise purchases this year. In the past I have been guilty of getting caught up in the excitement that a new growing season can bring. I have fallen for the beautiful images of abundance on seed packets and bought seeds that I have no idea how to look after and no space for. This year I have made a plan and I am planning to stick to it. I also used the Ethical Consumer Guide to Seeds to make sure that my seeds come from companies that have high environmental and ethical standards.

Cut down on meat and dairy
If you have started, or are considering, cutting down on meat and dairy this report from Greenpeace will make interesting reading. Titled 'Less is More' the report outlines how reducing your meat and dairy intake can lead to a healthier life and a healthier planet. If you are considering giving up meat and dairy completely and adopting a vegan diet, why not check out this 21 day Vegan Kickstart programme for meal plans and inspiration.

Go out and plant a tree
Ever felt the urge to plant a tree but don't know where to start? If you are currently living in Bristol look no further than this lovely article by Ecojam's Tom Stevens. From planting a tree in your garden to volunteering to reforest the city, Tom suggests 7 ways to help plant trees to make Bristol the greenest city in the UK. 

Don't be a water waster
We all know that we should turn the tap off whilst we are cleaning our teeth and that we should try to have short showers. But what else could we all be doing to waste less water? Check out these TreeHugger tips which outline 10 ways to stop being a water waster.

Does last week's snow indicate that climate change is not happening?
This may be a question that you are pondering or it may be a question that you have heard other ask. Climate sceptics, or those who want to believe that climate change isn't real, are likely to dwell on last week's wintery weather and use it to build a case against climate change. If this question has crossed your mind or if you are looking for a way to silence the sceptics, check out this article in the Guardian which asks 'What does all this snow mean for climate change?'. Spoiler alert: Unfortunately it doesn't say that scientists were wrong about climate change!

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