Top ethical gift ideas for Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day - Sunday 6th March 2016

Ecojam’s Eleanor Williamson (proud mother of 2) gives you her top 5 tips on how to give your mum the great big high five that she deserves without giving the planet a great big slap in the face.

1. Take her out for the day

Why not treat her to an experience? Something that she will remember forever rather than an expensive or throw-away gift which will wear out, run out or end up in the back of the cupboard.

Take her to see her favourite play, treat her to lunch or invite her for a stroll in your local woodland. Hanging out together and enjoying each other's company says much more than a cheesy card and a box of chocolates.

2. Make her something special

Are you a baker, a keen scrapbooker or a nifty knitter? Put your skills to good use and make mum a present. Whether it's a homemade cake, a photo album or a scarf it is sure to mean a lot to your mum because you made it.

If you need some guidance look out for local events like this upcycled fascinator workshop in Bristol.

3. For the mother that has everything – give her gift to someone else!

There are so many worthy causes it should be easy to find one that resonates with your mum. Whether she is keen on saving rainforests, adopting animals or helping those who are less well off than herself, a quick google search will bring up plenty of opportunities for you to share the Mother's Day love this year.

4. Make her feel special 

This one goes without saying really but it can be easy to forget that making someone feel special is not about huge gestures and expensive presents. Sometimes the best thing you can do for someone is to give them a chance to relax and put their feet up. 

So, why not drop in on Mother's Day and make mum a cup of tea, insist she puts her feet up and make her some lunch. If you are really feeling nice you could even offer to do some household chores (or perhaps rope dad in for this one!).

5. And if you can't resist buying her chocolates and flowers...

Give some thought to what you buy. 

When buying chocolates look out for ones that are organic and fairtrade. This will take some of the guilt out of this guilty pleasure!

Seasonal British flowers from companies like Wiggly Wigglers have been ‘grown not flown’ meaning they have a much lower carbon footprint than exotic flowers flown in from around the world. Look for spring bouquets with daffodils, tulips and other flowers that you might see in the garden at this time of year. If you have a garden of your own you may even be able to make your own bouquet from what's available.

Oh, and one last thing, don't forget to tell her that you love her – the easiest (cheesiest!) and most planet-friendly idea of them all.

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