Upcycled craft ideas: 10 upcycling projects to keep your kids entertained during half-term

Upcycled bottle flowers - Upcycling/Crafting ideas for kids

With half term just around the corner you may have started wondering how you are going to keep the kids entertained. To give you a helping hand we have put together our top 10 favourite upcycling ideas for kids. These ideas will keep your children busy, spark their imagination and keep household rubbish out of landfill.

You don't have to be an expert at crafting to try your hand at upcycling. All of these ideas make for easy crafting and are made out of a small list of materials that you are likely to already have in the house.  

1. Creative upcycled newspaper structures for little den builders
This is such a great way to keep your kids entertained. All you need is newspaper and some masking tape. Once the tubes are made your kids will be kept busy for hours working out what to build and how to make the structure strong enough to stay up. If you are doing this with a group of kids you could even try setting up a den building competition where each team has to try and make the biggest/tallest/strongest structure. 

Check out Crafting a Green World for the full tutorial.

2. Cute upcycled plastic bottle crafts
Unless you have succeeded in kicking your plastic habit, you have probably got a plastic bottle or two lying around the house. Why not get your kids to turn it into this cute plastic piggy bank from Coffee and Vanilla. Or perhaps they would prefer to make these beautiful plastic bottle flowers.

3. Upcycled tin can walkie-talkie fun for your little communicators
Did you ever make tin can walkie talkies when you were little? This is a really easy way to upcycle tin cans and it will provide hours of entertainment as your little one works out what's going on and how to make it work properly.

4. Upcycled cereal box guitars for your budding musicians
Did you know that you can turn your child into a rock star using only a cereal box, a kitchen roll tube and some rubber bands? Well with this thrify fun tutorial you can make it happen! The tutorial is super simple and easy to follow. Add in some upside down tins or tuppaware boxes and a stick and you have a homemade drum kit too! 

5. Easy upcycled carboard tube tunnels for car lovers
This is such a fun way to entertain your kids without spending a fortune. Find some tubes and roll some cars down them! If you don't have any tubes lying around why not visit your local scrapstore.

6. Get creative and upycle your egg cartons 
There are so many clever ways to use egg cartons for craft projects. We love these simple ideas on Parents.com but you could also do a Google search or just let your kids get creative and come up with their own ideas.

7. Upcycled CD jelly fish for your underwater explorers
If you have moved on to streaming your music or if you have a collection of CDs that are scratched beyond use, why not let the kids turn them into these lovely upcycled CD and ribbon jellyfish.

8. A stackable toilet roll city for construction lovers
If your kids love lego as much as mine do then you are probably familiar with their requests to build houses, cars, spaceships etc. With these stacking toilet rolls they will be free to build a whole city for their lego people to live in. This is an activity which can keep them busy for 2 days as they paint and decorate them one day and then build with them the next.  

9. Game players
Are your kids bored of all the games they have? Have you over-played snakes and ladders, lost all the pieces to their favourite puzzle or reached your limit with snap? Before you rush off to the shops to spend more money on games why not spend the afternoon making puzzles using old cereal boxes. With just a couple of boxes and some scissors you can make a simple puzzle or one with loads of complicated pieces. When they get bored of it just move onto the next box!

10. Nature lovers
There are literally hundreds of tutorials online for upcycled bird feeders. We like this one from Heck Fridays because it is simple and does not need a long list of materials. Why not try it or visit Google or Pinterest to find other ideas.

If you do get crafty over half term we would love to see your creations. Tweet us a picture @EcojamUK or join us on Facebook.

Happy upcycling!