Children's Scrapstore

About us

We store resources and materials collected from industry, and donations from just about anyone as long as the materials are safe for use as a creative resource.

Our member groups collect the resources they need from our large warehouse, to be used by their groups in an educational, creative or therapeutic setting.

Our scrap warehouse stocks all sorts of things people need for creative play, such as paper and card, foam, plastic pots, tubes and tubs, netting, fabric, books, CDs and all manner of off-cuts and left overs from businesses. You'll never know what weird and wonderful things you might find!

Our membership is open to groups working in creative play, care, educational and therapeutic settings. Check out our membership info page for more details.

But fear not... anyone can visit ARTRAGEOUS!
Artrageous is our arts and crafts shop, which is open to the public as well as our members (who receive a 20% discount when they shop). All profits from Artrageous go back into the charity side of our work, so shopping at Artrageous supports Children's Scrapstore. The last Saturday of every month, Artrageous offer Super Saturday Sample Sessions, a free art and craft session for families to experiment with new ideas and products from the shop.

We advocate children's play and our Scrapstore PlayPods introduce free play and loose parts into primary schools. They are a phenomenal success, not only with children, but with head teachers, teachers, supervisors and parents too.

In our large play room we host arts and play sessions throughout term time, as well as extensive holiday programmes including both drop off and stay and play sessions which encourage creative play for children and their adults.

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