Forest of Avon Trust

About us

Tree planting
Training & running woodland activities for all
Forest School training
Patron Mike Dilger

Forest of Avon Trust
We are the Bristol based charity for local trees & woodlands.
Celebrating our first 10 years, we are passionate about what we do and proud of our track record of getting things done.

Over the last 10 years, the charity has:
• Helped children plant 70 school orchards, an important contribution to healthy living and more.
• Trained 200 accredited Forest School Leaders, a significant contribution to UK outdoor learning.
• Pioneered Woodland Wellbeing for people in need, with 675 directly benefiting from activities.
• Engaged 6,500 school children in learning about the importance of trees now & for the future.
• Planted 17,500 trees with schools & communities, improving quality of life now & in the future.
• Helped manage 850ha woodlands, conserving and sustaining this critical resource.
• Delivered projects & activities worth £1.25 million (net), starting with just £3,000.
• Delivered 2 nationally important iTree Eco studies & promoted the true value of trees.
• Ensured funding for the Avon area, through membership of National Community Forests.

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