Generation Change

About us

Generation Change is a movement to promote high quality youth social action programmes.

We are founded and led by an independent partnership of charities that together help over 600,000 young people each year to take part in social action. Our shared mission is to transform the status of social action in society. We do this by empowering youth programmes to evidence and improve their impact on young volunteers and the causes they address. Read about our approach to impact.

Our vision is for social action to be woven into every stage of growing up in the UK, and recognised and valued by colleges, universities, and employers. None of us can make this vision happen on our own - that's why we have to work together, to create an entire generation of changemakers, activists and social leaders.

We believe every young person should be able to access high quality opportunities to address social issues in their communities. Crucially, these opportunities must ensure the double benefit of social action is felt, whereby the young person taking part and community they experience positive outcomes.

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