North Bristol Community Project

About us

NBCP works with local residents to promote well-being, social inclusion and personal development. We do this through education, leisure and volunteer programmes.
Our aim is to foster a greater sense of community and belonging.
We have a small garden space which is open to anyone who would like to get involved in starting or being part of a community gardening group.
Our upcycled clothing sewing surgeries on Thursday mornings (10am - 12 noon) offer people the opportunity to revamp, reuse, reinvent what they have to create something new, so it avoids going into landfill and supports 'slow fashion'. Anyone, regardles of gender, age or ability is welcome to join us. If there is enough demand we could run evening workshops for people who are employed during the daytime. We ask for a £5 contribution towards the cost of basic materials. Come and join in our gentle revolution.

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