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Wicked Weather Watch

Wicked Weather Watch (WWW) is a charity that aims to provide clarity for children and young people about climate change and global warming.

We want children to have access to unbiased information and hope to bring the important issues to life for both children and their teachers.  We will be sharing the personal experiences of Arctic explorers, such as David Hempleman-Adams (pictured right), looking at the latest science and information, and asking how climate change is affecting the people and wildlife of the Arctic and the rest of the world.

Using the latest research and first hand experiences of the Arctic we will investigate climate change as it’s happening now…

Wicked Weather Watch for schools
WWW offers a unique insight into climate change, providing up to the minute resources for lessons and assemblies as well as opportunities to hear directly from people who have visited the Arctic.

We want children and young people to feel fully informed about climate change through their schools, helping them to answer questions such as:

what is the difference between climate change and global warming?
what is the impact of climate change in the Arctic and elsewhere?
what can I do to protect our planet and fight climate change?
We aim to provide teachers with innovative materials that can be used to meet KS1 and KS2 curricula, alongside the opportunities for children to find out more for themselves.

In 2016, WWW is linking up with the Polar Ocean Challenge. Schools can sign up below to follow this historic voyage, access data and news from the expedition and hear the personal experiences of the crew as they journey around the Arctic Ocean, all of which can be used to initiate conversations in schools and at home about climate change.

Download our Schools leaflet for more information, or sign up below to join WWW and follow the POC – we’d be delighted to welcome you aboard!

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